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Break Through Audio Cd-dvd Manufacturing


Break Through Audio Cd-dvd Manufacturing Recommendation By Dave Tamkin Chicago, IL / Boulder, CO 1993 was the first time I finished recording an album. It was my sophomore year of high school and our band was called Without a Clue. Back … »

Musician’s Guide to 3 Uncommon Gigs

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Trying to make a living as a solo acoustic guitarist with an unusual playing style, I’ve had some difficulty fitting in with some of the more popular types of venues. Coffeehouses are fine, but it doesn’t pay the rent. »

The Case for Online-Only Promotion


The Case for Online-Only Promotion By Brian Hazard Huntington Beach, CA Click to Listen I promote to establish and nurture a genuine relationship with my fans. I measure my success by the number of subscribers to my mailing list. Notice … »

What's a Band to do? Advice from the Other Side


Early on, when I was a songwriter in a band that was seeking a record deal; we used to consider that publishers, record execs, and radio programmers were from the “other side.”  They were our antagonists, the enemy, the people … »

It’s Never One Thing that Makes a Music Career

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It’s never one thing that makes a career in the music business. Everyone has a different balance of skills used in making music their full time job. I grew up on KISS, Prince, Queen, my dad’s Motown records and my mom’s classical piano lessons. »

Is Changing Our Thought Habits Important?


Last week I read a book which helped me bring all the pieces of my self together, and it’s not just the book, it was a sort of final completion of finding my real self, getting to grips with who I am and how I can finally get more control over my existence and my music.. »

Indie Guide: 10 Essential Tools to Penetrate a Global Market in 2010


. Mainstream acceptance for international musicians peeked in the U.S, which trickled down into global market acceptance. Highlighting this point, in the 2009 Grammy Awards all five nominees for record of the year were associated with foreign countries. »


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I am an independent musician who has proudly played over 600 shows in 60 cities. I have done countless radio and tv interviews and built my own indie label, publishing and licensing company brick by brick. I have placed over 100 songs in films and television programs including The Matrix: Revisited and Animatrix, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, DVD’s of Nip/Tuck, The Closer, Ice Age 2, We Are Marshall »

Let the 2018 Indie Bible Work for You

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No more waiting for that record deal, manager or booking agent to get things done for you. You need to get your music heard in order to obtain all three of those goals alone. The 2010 Indie Bible gives you the tools and resources you need to get your music heard today. »

20 questions every band should answer

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Want to know if you’re cut out for a full-time music career? Would you like to know at what level you’re best suited to play? Well, hang tight because that’s exactly what you’re about to have the opportunity to explore. »