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Willy Porter Plays the Front Range

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Willy Porter is an accomplished guitarist, storyteller and songwriter from Wisconsin who is toured with Sting, Jeff Beck and Paul Simon to name a few. »

Music Discounts from My Music Friends this Labor Day Weekend!

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I hope everyone has a relaxing Labor Day Weekend planned. I work with the musician friendly companies below and they are all offering some pretty cool discounts this weekend. »

Create, Control, Conquer


JamUp is the world’s first iOS Guitar & Bass multi-effects app to add wireless footswitch control with the AirTurn BT-105 pedal Bluetooth pedal system. »

iPad and Music Recording Apps


The question I am always trying to answer is how to integrate technology into my teaching to make things easier, better and help the students enjoy and understand what we are trying to do in class. »

Do you REALLY need a big studio for a pro album?


Let me preface with this thought: Pro studios have their place. Some of the greatest records have come from there »

AirTurn: Hands Free Page Turner

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AirTurn : Hands Free Page Turner I was getting my guitar set up at Brightwood Music in Nederland, CO when I sat down in front of an iPad with sheet music on it and two wireless pedals. The store owner … »

The Quite American and His Instruments

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While teaching orchestra in the public schools, Aaron began his career building and restoring string instruments. Musician, luthier, historian and songwriter; Aaron Keim is a roots music renaissance man. As The Quiet American, Aaron performs traditional and original folk music on guitar, ukulele and banjo. (which he builds himself!) »

String Nuts & Saddles

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The string nut and saddle play a vital role in your instruments feel and sound. They set the action (string height), string spacing, string radius, and also transfer the strings energy which all contribute to the instruments feel and sound. An improperly made string nut and or saddle are the number one cause of tuning instability, bad action and several other issues in stringed instruments. »

Tone Starts With Your Strings


Tone Starts With Your Strings By Tony Maguire We can all appreciate the amount of investment, research, and experimentation required in honing a great guitar tone.  The guitar, pickups, amp, and effects all play a significant role.  However, with all … »

The O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker


Make real music on-the-go!!! Whatever your musical ability The O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker app is a great way to sketch out your musical ideas. This app doesn’t rely on preset loops or gimmick effects, it’s as musical as you want it to be and the eye catching wheel interface helps generate sophisticated results. »