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How to Start Your Pedal Search


How to Start Your Pedal Search By Hank of Pedal Nerd Over the years, I’ve been asked multiple times for advice on pedal selection. This is always a harder question than it initially appears and has many factors. In this … »

How to Shines

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Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Take you band practices seriuosly. Try and limit as many non band members as possible, turn off your phones, and FOCUS ON YOUR MUSIC. »

More iPhone Music Applications for Musicians


More iPhone Music Apps for Musicians. RjDj , shazam, beatmaker, bloom, cleartune, Ocarina, and others… »

3rd album – What I’ve Learned This Time Around

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What I’ve learned recording my third album. How to relate with musicians, know your limits, and never stop learning. Victor Pender »

From Easymix iPhone App

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I’m Emmanuel Lecerf, part of the buzzyteam providing iPhone apps. After Easymix original version (already in TOP 30 of appstore music app in US), Easymix hiphop version (already in TOP 10 of appstore music app in US), Easymix rock is … »

I Want To Do Home Recordings! What Do I Need?


So you say you’ve got songs to record, but don’t have the money to go to a major studio? Perhaps you’re just starting out and want to test out your recordings at home before committing to a big studio. »

How I Made an Album on an iPhone


Besides beatmaking apps, I really got into the various synth apps available. I started with the free ones like miniSynth and NLogFree, and then eventually moved toward paid apps such as Argon, Dronestation, and Thereminator. »

Recording on a Shoestring Budget

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Finding information about recording on a shoestring budget isn’t easy. Sure, there are plenty of articles online that can guide you through buying sensibly and cheaply, but very few that actually, from start to finish, give you an idea of how to record your songs with the most merge of funds. »

Soundwave Merchandising

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Soundwave Merchandising has major company muscle with “independent company thinking” and accessibility. It’s a venture that has merged personalized service and a boutique style mentality with the powerful resources that come with a well-established business. »

Climbing the Wall While Not Being Signed

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Climbing the Wall While Not Being Signed By Mimi Page Los Angeles, CA I started composing on the piano at 5 years old. What started out as a natural hobby turned into a daily necessity, and at age 15 I … »