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Vocal Mic Comparison


This month, PSE took three large-diaphragm condenser mics into the studio and ran them through their paces. » offers more than 1/2 OFF

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Hey there, it’s Martin writing … On Wednesday, February 24th 2010 turns 5! To celebrate this milestone in our business, we’re running our biggest sale EVER! You can save an incredible 55% on all downloadable tutorials during our birthday … »

Your Music Video

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Animoto enables you to use your own photos and video clips to produce TV & film-quality music videos in just minutes. These video clips and photos are perfect for your bands EPK package. They can also be used to keep … »

My Songs, My Recording Process


I start composing by assembling the piano part which usually remains even after the song is over. I am trying to be as minimal as possible in frames of my musical style. »

Recommendations from Blue Logic


For computers I always recommend an Apple for the stability. We record all our own music and we use Macs. Also if you would know anyone interested in getting a recording done of them you can tell them to contact us, because I have a small studio setup in Leonville, Louisiana. »

Recording a New Album

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After signing with MCA/RADIOACTIVE we released 2 major LP between 1999 and 2002 with our previous band CYCLEFLY. With years of touring through out the USA and EUROPE we got dropped by the label, why? »

Practice Your Scales

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I find practicing scales and fingerings on the guitar pretty boring but it must be done if one is to improve. With a full-time job, a side job and a wife to spend time with, I had trouble finding the time to do that guitar practice until I hit upon a good formula. »

Dust is The Enemy


try to explain to people all the time that dust is the enemy. If musicians would take a little more time to properly clean their equipment, they could avoid (sometimes costly) repairs. »

Chris Newman Recommends Black Postards


He tells the whole Indie story 80’s thru early 2000’s. It’s excellent! »

Insure Your Gear and Your Songs

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Recently I made a record entirely on my laptop, and called the “band” Hurricane Bells. One of those songs just got put into the new “Twilight” movie, and soundtrack. »