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Working Out

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OK so I usually try not to get to crazy here but I LOVE working out! I have worked with a couple different trainers and have pretty much narrowed down the best workouts for different goals. »

Technology and Tools


Google has a customizable home page with a variety “widgets” for organizing your life and music business. Additionally, they have web-based tasks list and documents, spreadsheets, and presentations you can share with others. I have used these tools for planning and going on tour. I share documents with needed information with “team members” across the country. »

iPhone and MiFi Verizon


iPhone and MiFi Verizon by Ryan Laperle Click to Listen Buy the older 3g version for only 100 bucks or so.   But you want to stay with Verizon.  Well then buy an iPod touch.  Through Verizon you can use … »

Just Because You’re Not a Sound Engineer Doesn’t Authorize Ignorance About the Sound of Your Instrument


So you’ve spent, say, ten years practicing and learning to read music, running scales, and burning little note-shaped holes in your brain, until you became the awesome player/singer/whatever you are now. Until now, though, you’ve never put much thought into the SOUND of your instrument or mic, just the actual performance. »

Saluda Cymbals


So, I’m a cynic. Probably more than the next guy and I am definitely WAY more superficial. I know how to play my instrument, but I want, no, NEED it to look cool… »

Improve Tuning Stability, and Reduce String Breakage


Improve Tuning Stability, and Reduce String Breakage by Marty “Big Dog” Mercer One of the most common issues I see in the shop is players that don’t know how to properly string their instruments. Get this wrong & you can … »

My New Sabian Memphis Ride


I’m absolutely insane about cymbals. Dry, dark, washy and wobbly, I’m constantly looking for nice sounds, not matter the manufacturer. Over the years, my personal tastes and musical roles have led to a very big, dark, washy sound. »

Own This Book : Zen Guitar

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I’ve read Zen Guitar by Phil Sudo at least seven times. Every time I need to be inspired or feel that I’m stuck in the box, I look for the book underneath my bed. »

Topo Ranch, Great Apparel and Friend to Musicians

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A pretty cool apparel store right before the promenade on the East side. After hearing the interesting story of Topo Ranch from one of the most laid back owners, I noticed rock posters and a monthly gig advertised on their front window stage. »

The 5 Best iPhone Apps for Musicians

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The 5 Best iPhone Apps for Musicians By Jonathan Ostrow Co-Founder, Let me first begin with this disclaimer: I don’t personally own an iPhone. A friend of mine was letting me play around on his the other day when … »