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Old Man and the Drums


  Triple Ratamacue!!! No, that isn’t my favorite drum rudiment. It’s the sound of my knees and back as I get out of bed on a far too frequent, number of times. I’ve been playing drums over 33 years and … »

When Your Body Starts to Work Against You – Musicians with Focal Dystonia


What was once second nature becomes a constant fight. Years of practice, study and natural talent can completely disappear forcing a complete relearning of everything they once knew, or worse the end of their musical career. »

Low Latent Inhibition and Creativity


I’ve spent a life time pointing out my observations of the minute details of the universe »

The Vocal Road Warrior Formula

Health  Touring

Lately in the news, popping up here and there, I’m noticing canceled concerts due to “cold and chest infection” and singers on vocal rest recovering from nodules.

Book on Music Sheds New Light on Fetal Development


I read a phenomenal book last year that is fascinating from both a musical and a scientific perspective. The author, Daniel J. Levitin, is a cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, record producer, writer, and musician. »

Fake It to Make It


Someone once told me, “sometimes you gotta fake it to make it”. i know i know —being artistic means to be real. authentic. sincere. and most importantly true. »

5 Keys To Fitness For Musicians


5 Keys To Fitness For Musicians By : Johnny Ryan Every musician knows that practicing your instrument is a crucial part of any professional career. But most musicians have no clue about what it takes to prepare their bodies for … »


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Music first and foremost is something you feel, something you hear, and something you express. Make it mean something to YOU first. Honesty and truth when done well always gets through to the listener. »

Pushing Past Your Fear

Health  Lessons

Like the seed that has to push through the shell and then through the dirt to find the sun, success doesn’t happen from a leisurely walk on the beach. It’s an acquired habit of pressing up against what makes usun-COMFORT-able, and sometimes pushing through our fear can knock us completely horizontal. »

Limitations, Goals and Inspiration

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Limitations, Goals and Inspiration By Spy Nation Quebec, Canada Click to Listen Well, the first place to start is don’t put any limitations on yourself. If someone else can do it, you can too. You know deep down if music … »