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Pushing Past Your Fear

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Like the seed that has to push through the shell and then through the dirt to find the sun, success doesn’t happen from a leisurely walk on the beach. It’s an acquired habit of pressing up against what makes usun-COMFORT-able, and sometimes pushing through our fear can knock us completely horizontal. »

Limitations, Goals and Inspiration

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Limitations, Goals and Inspiration By Spy Nation Quebec, Canada Click to Listen Well, the first place to start is don’t put any limitations on yourself. If someone else can do it, you can too. You know deep down if music … »

The Music Biz : Five Important Tips for Staying Sane and in the Game

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Study. Being in the music biz is a college education that never ends. The more you know, the better off you are. Read trade magazines, tech manuals, industry how to guides, blogs and websites written by industry professionals, join groups, listen, ask questions. »

Are You An Unhappy Musician?

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Are you satisfied with your guitar playing skills right now? Are you playing guitar at the level you want to? Have you been making the kind of progress you are happy with throughout your life as a musician? »

Leave Your Drama At Home: More Rockin’ And Less Squawkin’!


Certainly, no one ever said that music was going to be a safe, secure and solid profession to get into. Any industry that pays buckets of money to young, pretty people for jumping around and showing off is bound to inspire zaniness to some degree or another. »

The Skinny of Show Preparation


Taking care of your singing voice, Caffeine stirs up stomach acid and can cause a burning in your throat. Sad but true for a musician but alcoholic drinks will dry your throat and mouth out. Smoking should be avoided, »

How to Make a Living Playing Music

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keep your expenses very low. keep working on your art. don’t be afraid to do other things to make money in the short term. avoid the performance mentality. the main business strategy is to build your own audience. »


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These are all metaphors I’ve used to describe what inevitably happens during any large scale creative undertaking–the making a record, for instance. It’s that barren, dusty, treacherous middle expanse filled with nagging depression and gnawing self-doubt that the Muse or God or Whomever places in our path to test our faith. »

On the Importance of Balance


It’s a lot of hard work, but life doesn’t quite have to be that way. You can have a productive, healthy life and still have time and money to develop your art. I’ve found it very important to work out a good balance through every aspect of your life and art. »

Singers and Smoking

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Motivation for quitting smoking, smoking cessation and to help you quit and stop. Singers and Smoking and the harmful effects. Musicians quit smoking. »