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Remember to Love it

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Remember to Love it By Kevin Mileski Palatine, IL Click to Listen One of the biggest questions a musician can ask is, “Am I good enough and smart enough to make a living playing music?” There’s never a concrete answer … »

The Four Agreements


Don’t take it personal and Don’t Assume!!! »

Insurance for Musicians

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Insurance is a guarantee against loss or harm and secures compensation in the case of loss, damage, or death. Having insurance of any kind covers the what-ifs in life, offers peace-of-mind, and you just have to have it. »

Musicares and Nuci's Space

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Most importantly if a friend asks for help with his or her drinking or drug problem there is only one place to go, Nuci’s Space »

Tips on Singing


When singing, always take deep breaths and sing from the diaphram. Remember your vocal chords are small muscles and will fail you if you over work them. Its almost like pushing to take a crap, only directing all that wind power over your vocal chords. »