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Practice Tips to Perfect Your Potential for Singing Success


The pursuit of success requires you to cultivate a commitment to consistency. In other words, you want to always be prepared to give your best performance – while you also have a plan in place to keep getting better. »

Efficient Practice


With your goals, schedule, and strategies mapped out, you can better predict how long it will take you to master pieces.
So, trust in your practice skills, and set a pace that allows you to learn deeply as well as avoid injury and fatigue. »

From Our Friends at MicControl!


We wanted this topic to be the focus of our first webinar because we passionately believe that music blogs are not only THE important filter of today’s music industry, but are also becoming an increasingly important (and easily accessible) marketing tool that ALL emerging musicians should be taking advantage of. »

String Nuts & Saddles

Gear  Lessons

The string nut and saddle play a vital role in your instruments feel and sound. They set the action (string height), string spacing, string radius, and also transfer the strings energy which all contribute to the instruments feel and sound. An improperly made string nut and or saddle are the number one cause of tuning instability, bad action and several other issues in stringed instruments. »

It’s All Your Fault

Lessons  Marketing

Usually it’s the very thing that blocks your voice, stomps on your soul, drags you kicking and screaming to the stage, and keeps you waiting for a deal. It’s the part of you that believes your success comes from others — and that it’s everyone else’s fault that you’re not famous – that your talent hasn’t been recognized yet. »

Eight Steps to Improving Your Composing and Songwriting Skills


You want your musical skills to get better and better, right? Of course you do. If you are nowhere close to reaching your peak performance it’s because you don’t understand the process that helps you produce your best music all the time. Here’s what you must do to constantly improve your talents: »



Before I ever trained my voice, I could sing. I had good pitch and a heart full of soul, but the more I tried to convey my deepest feelings, the more strained I sounded. I tried singing louder (which caused more strain); I tried to mimic Aretha (which made me feel small); and I tried giving more emotionally (but ended up sounding like I was trying too hard). »

How To Play Guitar Fast


Do you struggle with playing guitar fast? Is your lack of guitar speed making it difficult for you to express yourself fully as a musician? Although playing guitar fast is not every guitarist’s most significant goal, those who do want to improve their guitar speed desire this skill very much and are often frustrated with being unable to develop this part of their guitar playing. »

Finding the Right College Setting

Lessons  Music

In this part of my Not-So-Liberal-Arts series, I will do more of the same, but focus on selecting a college by location and opportunity, the next step towards a successful arts venture. »

Performer/Sound Tech Relations

Lessons  Music

Relationships between a stage crew and a band aren’t always bright and sunny from the get-go, but there are many things both sides can do and understand to make that symbiosis better. »