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Preparing for College

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I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music, Vocal Emphasis. The irony is that while in a program entirely dedicated to the Arts, I often felt the most stymied and stunted I’d been artistically, specifically in my music. »

How To Begin A Career In Music

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Practice to become a professional musician – Never stop improving your abilities as a musician. Before you say, “That’s obvious. Tell me something I don’t know”, there are several things you need to keep in mind. »



Do you know how to give a great audition? Whether it is for a label, American Idol, or a musical, you have to give someone an amazing experience – plain and simple. »

Pushing Past Your Fear

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Like the seed that has to push through the shell and then through the dirt to find the sun, success doesn’t happen from a leisurely walk on the beach. It’s an acquired habit of pressing up against what makes usun-COMFORT-able, and sometimes pushing through our fear can knock us completely horizontal. »

How To Write Songs You Never Knew You Had In You

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How did the songwriter know to play that note next, or that scale over that chord? Maybe they didn’t. I’ll explain… »

3rd album – What I’ve Learned This Time Around

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What I’ve learned recording my third album. How to relate with musicians, know your limits, and never stop learning. Victor Pender »

Vocal Tip : Instant Fix


Cari Cole is a vocal coach and artist development expert who has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. »

Making Great Impressions

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Once you announce to the world that you are ‘open for business’, like it or not you invite scrutiny by fans, the press, entertainment buyers, other artists and everyone else. The following tips will insure that you develop a strong and positive reputation. »

How to be Successful as an Independent Musician

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How to be Successful as an Independent Musician By Nick Venturella Decide what your definition of success is To have any success in music, or anything in life, you have to have an understanding of what success looks like for … »

Vocal Tips ~ PITCH: Are You Hitting the Bulls-Eye?


Pitch is one of the fundamental, foundational core elements in singing – so much so that it is one of the most important – perhaps the most important – quality of a great voice. »