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Recording on a Shoestring Budget

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Finding information about recording on a shoestring budget isn’t easy. Sure, there are plenty of articles online that can guide you through buying sensibly and cheaply, but very few that actually, from start to finish, give you an idea of how to record your songs with the most merge of funds. »

How to Make a Living Playing Music

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keep your expenses very low. keep working on your art. don’t be afraid to do other things to make money in the short term. avoid the performance mentality. the main business strategy is to build your own audience. »

4 Steps to Film and TV Placement

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By Helen Austin : Place your music on TV and Film. Find the right Publisher to help sell and pitch your music. Always network Sonicbids, Taxi, Broadjam, and YouLicense »

On the Topic of Playing Music for a Living


On the Topic of Playing Music for a Living By Paul Allodi Chicago, IL I’m still trying to do that! Just kidding but not. Its a tough road out there and your level of success can vary from month to month … »

The Tunecore Philosophy

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TuneCore is all about getting your music heard and available to buy. We want you to earn money from your music! »

Song Cast Music – Online Distribution

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Sell all the music you want on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, Emusic & MediaNet for a low monthly fee (plus onetime setup fee of $19.99 per album or $9.99 per single) Includes a FREE UPC Barcode for every release. While … »

Are You a Composer or a Businessman

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Are You a Composer or a Businessman: A decision that can make or break your career By  Aron Schoenfeld Composers compose and businessmen do business. At least this is what you think when you come out of school with a … »

It’s Never One Thing that Makes a Music Career

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It’s never one thing that makes a career in the music business. Everyone has a different balance of skills used in making music their full time job. I grew up on KISS, Prince, Queen, my dad’s Motown records and my mom’s classical piano lessons. »

Be Committed!…You’ll Never Be Famous If You Don’t Show Up!

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So, how does your average musical genius go from penniless Pop Tart-eater to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? How do you move on up from mom’s garage to a deluxe apartment in the sky? What’s your first baby step on the Yellow Brick Road to fame and fortune? That’s simple…be committed! »

Marketing During the Holiday Season


As you sit by the stack of holiday greeting cards waiting to be filled out and mailed, have you ever thought about including your music in them? This is a great way of advertising your music as well as making a great gift for those who have supported you throughout the year. »