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Make Money While Promoting Your Friends Music

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Here is a step by step instruction to strengthen your music community
and make a little extra money to put toward your next album while promoting your friends. »

Insure Your Gear and Your Songs

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Recently I made a record entirely on my laptop, and called the “band” Hurricane Bells. One of those songs just got put into the new “Twilight” movie, and soundtrack. »

Second Life

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here have been articles written in which the writer is wowed at the amount of money that people can make “in-world.” People can buy and sell real estate. People can create and sell clothing. But what I am interested in is music. I don’t have money to buy the real estate in the first place. I am not computer-savvy enough to create clothing. But what I CAN do is rock. »

Wearing All the Hats

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Wearing All the Hats By Megan Burtt Help Megan record her new Album. Click Here. The things that have seemed to be the most beneficial for me are the things that musicians tend to hate the most, or give little … »

The Barter System

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Once I got a call about performing at a winery for a local event. During the booking they mentioned that they couldn’t pay me monetarily, but they could pay me in wine. I love wine, so I think, “OK, I’ll be getting at least a case”. »

Recording a Record that Will Sell and Finding the Investor to Make it Happen

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First and biggest mistake of all songwriters/bands is going into the studio without a producer. You will need to have enough songs to pick from, I say 30 per record. »

Insurance for Musicians

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Insurance is a guarantee against loss or harm and secures compensation in the case of loss, damage, or death. Having insurance of any kind covers the what-ifs in life, offers peace-of-mind, and you just have to have it. »

Music is Like a Good Burger

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It’s not always how good you are, it’s about who you know, how many people you bring and how many people you will bring in the future. »

$40 School for Songwriters

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Most successful songwriters I know have some degree of natural talent, but in my experience, the ones who really shine have invested a fair amount into their musical education. »

How My Life Got Better Once I Hired an Accountant


If you’re like me, part of being a musician means I’m not the best at math (I know that doesn’t hold true for all you math rockers out there!). The first year I quit my job, and when out on my own freelancing was terrifying. Making ends meet, budgeting, paying the bill. It adds up to quite a bit of calculation. »