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Jim ‘Kimo’ West – from Weird to Slacker

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To say Jim ‘Kimo’ West has had a long and successful career as a musician would be a major understatement. He has been the long time guitar player for Weird Al Yankovic since the bands inception (his first show as a … »

Booking Shows: They can’t say yes if you don’t ask


Remember: they can’t say yes if you don’t ask. So be fearless! When your favorite band comes to town, ask if you can support the bill! »

Rob Drabkin on Videos, Gear and Touring

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I love how art can be a platform create more art. That’s what’s music videos are about. Everything from a simple performance video to something abstract. It’s a lot of collaboration. »



Just the other day I was told by someone who owned a wine bar that they really liked our music and would love for us to play at their place. She then told me the gig paid $75 for a trio. »

Going Outside the “Bar”

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As an acoustic artist, Playing to your friends and family, around the campfire, local coffee houses and small bars is a no brainer. But, I challenge you to go outside your comfort zone. »

How to Help Your Guitar Survive Your Next Flight

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Airlines cater heavily to business customers, and I remind them that we musicians are business customers, too. I always try to be friendly and polite, especially if I am carrying a guitar, so that airline workers will like accommodating musicians.

The Vocal Road Warrior Formula

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Lately in the news, popping up here and there, I’m noticing canceled concerts due to “cold and chest infection” and singers on vocal rest recovering from nodules.

10 Tour Prep Ideas That ALL Musicians Should Be Taking Advantage Of


10 Tour Prep Ideas That ALL Musicians Should Be Taking Advantage Of By Jon Ostrow of Mic Control As album sales continue their downward spiral, many musicians are turning to live performance and touring as a more consistent and frankly … »



You wake up. You slept in the shape of a broken accordion. You drank too much and you smoked too much last night so your skin, mucosa and sclera are dehydrated. As the early morning sun hits your eyes and your pupils dilate, you realize you have a 10-megaton headache and the pressure inside your head is making your chronic tinnitus flare up again. »

7 Tips For Flying With Your Guitar

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Nowadays, things aren’t so simple when you’re traveling with a guitar. The dynamics — and the expenses — of airplane travel have changed so much that keeping your guitar safe, nearby, and in one piece has become a lot more difficult than it should be. »