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Indie Guide: 10 Essential Tools to Penetrate a Global Market in 2010


. Mainstream acceptance for international musicians peeked in the U.S, which trickled down into global market acceptance. Highlighting this point, in the 2009 Grammy Awards all five nominees for record of the year were associated with foreign countries. »

Let the 2018 Indie Bible Work for You

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No more waiting for that record deal, manager or booking agent to get things done for you. You need to get your music heard in order to obtain all three of those goals alone. The 2010 Indie Bible gives you the tools and resources you need to get your music heard today. »

20 questions every band should answer

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Want to know if you’re cut out for a full-time music career? Would you like to know at what level you’re best suited to play? Well, hang tight because that’s exactly what you’re about to have the opportunity to explore. »

Money Saving Travel Tips for Touring Musicians


I use and to save money on the road. There are some inside tricks which you can google to find out. Here’s an example of what’s out there if you search around: I also like, a website which lists successful bids on priceline, by area, so you can get an idea of what hotels are actually going for on priceline. On average I pay about 50 a night (after tax) for a 2.5/3 star, and have gotten some awesome extended stay hotels for 35 a night, with a kitchen and full suite. »

Let The Music Be Your Guide

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“Let The Music Be Your Guide” By the gang at Errorcraft Records So you’re wandering around your place, looking at all the instruments scattered here and there, checking your band’s sites and thinking to yourself, “This is getting silly, where … »

Booking Your First Tour


Booking Your First Tour By Versailles Click to Listen As far as booking is concerned I spent a lot of time sitting in my house hoping that someday someone might hear my music on myspace and decide that we should … »

Spend More Time on the Phone, Book More Shows

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Mistake Number Seven: Not Spending Enough Time on the Phone (an excerpt from the book, Called To Sing: 13 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting In Music Ministry (Volume 2 by Dr. Naima Tonya Johnston © 2007 7thirtyseven Logos Publishing) Hope deferred … »

Artist Development: A Distinctive Guide to the Music Industry's Lost Art

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This article is an edited excerpt from Eugene Foley’s book, Artist Development: A Distinctive Guide to the Music Industry’s Lost Art used with permission. TOURING Live performances are an important part of building a buzz for a recording artist. You … »

What do I know?

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Take lessons. Don’t just take a lesson 1 time, that would be like going to high school for 1 day. (Which I think I only did half of that)
I get it, lessons can be expensive. Can’t afford to pay for them? Then barter for it. Trade a service for a service.
Do whatever you need to do, just take lessons. »

Inviting Other Musicians to Jam

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his is a topic I think often gets overlooked. In my experience it can be an extremely invaluable experience for everyone involved. It may take some pre-planning, but if you keep the idea in mind then it won’t take much at all! The benefits of this are countless. »