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How to Help Your Guitar Survive Your Next Flight

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Airlines cater heavily to business customers, and I remind them that we musicians are business customers, too. I always try to be friendly and polite, especially if I am carrying a guitar, so that airline workers will like accommodating musicians.

7 Tips For Flying With Your Guitar

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Nowadays, things aren’t so simple when you’re traveling with a guitar. The dynamics — and the expenses — of airplane travel have changed so much that keeping your guitar safe, nearby, and in one piece has become a lot more difficult than it should be. »

A Few Tips From a Reader’s Wife


For musicians based in Ireland, XMusic will match any price you can find on line, for all the gear they stock. Personal Health – The little bit every day is better than alot, once a week. »

What do I know?

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Take lessons. Don’t just take a lesson 1 time, that would be like going to high school for 1 day. (Which I think I only did half of that)
I get it, lessons can be expensive. Can’t afford to pay for them? Then barter for it. Trade a service for a service.
Do whatever you need to do, just take lessons. »

Misadventures, Missed Turns And How Not To Be Famous On Tour: A Passage to India: Part II

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I arrived exhausted at my Mumbai hotel and met my backing band, Mana3. Wonderful people. The next morning we caught a flight to Goa. »

Misadventures, Missed Turns and How Not To Be Famous On Tour: A passage to India: Part I

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After paying a $20 submission fee, WOA Records chose me for a 20 city tour in India leaving just after Christmas. Wow! Kick ass. »