The O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker


Make real music on-the-go!!! Whatever your musical ability The O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker app is a great way to sketch out your musical ideas. This app doesn’t rely on preset loops or gimmick effects, it’s as musical as you want it to be and the eye catching wheel interface helps generate sophisticated results. »

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Getting picked (need to vs. want to)

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If you’re frustrated that you’re not getting picked, one plan is to up your game, to hustle harder, to figure out how to hone a pitch and push, push, push. »

A Tale of Two Private Lesson Music Teachers

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Music Teacher’s Helper is one of the best music teacher resources over the past 10 years. CLICK HERE to try out free for 30 days – no credit card required. Following this link will also give you 20% OFF if you find that Music Teacher’s Helper is for you »

How to Get More Likes, Subscribes and Shares Using Newtons First Law

Advertising  Marketing

I just read an article on Marketing Prof’s about a technique that will make it easier for us musicians to get new and existing fans to like, share and maybe even buy more of our music and merch. »

Top 4 Social Media Marketing Fundamentals for Indie Musicians


Remember that social media is just a tool in the marketing requirements of your music. Sure, interacting with fans is fun. But don’t let that overtake the time needed to do your actual job – which is to create music. »

Expand Your Twitter Audience


Twitter is offering musicians, artists and music brands a chance to expand their audiences by offering them $50 Twitter Ads credit. »

The Critic Stumbles


Have you noticed just how often the critics disagree with one another? And how often they’re just wrong? »

On the road with Tom Mangione


The etymology of the word “music” comes from the Greek for “muse” (i.e. Μοῦσα – Mousa). You can see the connection, and interestingly, the same root also flowered into the word “museum,” the treasure trove of the arts. »

I Chose Pledge Music.


I needed to find a unique way to release this album and raise funds to promote it. I chose PledgeMusic. »

On the road with Mike Mangione


When I started taking music seriously I set out in a van with my dog, slept at truck stops and learned how to travel the country by myself. »

Low Latent Inhibition and Creativity


I’ve spent a life time pointing out my observations of the minute details of the universe »