My Take on Style


Of all the different variations in playing music, the single item of utmost importance is style. I have come across too many musicians who are great at whichever instrument they play and they’re enthusiastic about playing whether it be alone, »

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Build Your City

Marketing  Music

Our advice to readers would be to own your own city first before hitting the road on long tours before the “fan base” is there. These types of tours can prove to be not only grueling on the band’s finances but also on the internal relationships. »

Book on Music Sheds New Light on Fetal Development


I read a phenomenal book last year that is fascinating from both a musical and a scientific perspective. The author, Daniel J. Levitin, is a cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, record producer, writer, and musician. »

Tone Starts With Your Strings


Tone Starts With Your Strings By Tony Maguire We can all appreciate the amount of investment, research, and experimentation required in honing a great guitar tone.  The guitar, pickups, amp, and effects all play a significant role.  However, with all … »

The Not-So-Liberal Arts, Part 3


The Not-So-Liberal Arts, Part 3: Touring Colleges: College 1, the Hyper-Conservative Christian School Stephen Brown Touring Colleges, Part 1 Summary/Guide If a school is within a half hour of your house and you’ve never heard of it, there is probably … »

3 Easy Way to Increase Your Album Sales!

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What is an Autoresponder and why should you give a crap about it?
Well my friend…an Autoresponder is going to become your new best buddy as a modern day DIY musician… »

The O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker


Make real music on-the-go!!! Whatever your musical ability The O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker app is a great way to sketch out your musical ideas. This app doesn’t rely on preset loops or gimmick effects, it’s as musical as you want it to be and the eye catching wheel interface helps generate sophisticated results. »

10 Tour Prep Ideas That ALL Musicians Should Be Taking Advantage Of


10 Tour Prep Ideas That ALL Musicians Should Be Taking Advantage Of By Jon Ostrow of Mic Control As album sales continue their downward spiral, many musicians are turning to live performance and touring as a more consistent and frankly … »

Chicago Rooftop Sessions


Chicago Rooftop Sessions seeks to engage musicians in a new and fun way, and hopefully inspire something previously untapped in the artist. In addition to working on top of roofs we are also interested in expanding the idea of capturing performances in unique environments »

Fake It to Make It


Someone once told me, “sometimes you gotta fake it to make it”. i know i know —being artistic means to be real. authentic. sincere. and most importantly true. »

Eight Steps to Improving Your Composing and Songwriting Skills


You want your musical skills to get better and better, right? Of course you do. If you are nowhere close to reaching your peak performance it’s because you don’t understand the process that helps you produce your best music all the time. Here’s what you must do to constantly improve your talents: »