The Skinny of Show Preparation


Taking care of your singing voice, Caffeine stirs up stomach acid and can cause a burning in your throat. Sad but true for a musician but alcoholic drinks will dry your throat and mouth out. Smoking should be avoided, »

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The B-Side Project


The B-Side Project is the brain child of NE-Xcuse, with the main objective to merge music and to provide additional platforms for music artists, both of live music and electronic production. »

Making a Music Video: Back to Life

Lessons  Music

I wanted something quirky and funny that people would hopefully re-post and watch again.  All in all, the making of the video took about 3 months, and my greatest asset in getting it done was a group of very-willing, super-productive, and incredibly creative and talented people. »

AirTurn: Hands Free Page Turner

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AirTurn : Hands Free Page Turner I was getting my guitar set up at Brightwood Music in Nederland, CO when I sat down in front of an iPad with sheet music on it and two wireless pedals. The store owner … »

Cathy Heller’s Imagine Nation

Marketing  Music

Born on Long Island, to a piano teacher and a psychologist, Cathy Heller has always had a love for music and an insight and compassion well beyond her years. »

Cari Cole’s Vocal Warm Ups


We’re having a “Giving Thanks” sale over
at Cari Cole and Company in honor of
Black Friday / Cyber Monday. That means
for a short period of time (from midnight
Thursday night all through the extended
weekend on Cyber Monday), you can save

You Need to Be Versatile


My Dad was always playing music around our house. It was either him playing guitar, or the soulful sounds of Stevie Ray or Clapton coming through the speakers. When I saw my Dad playing guitar I knew that I wanted to try it. »

Top 10 Brand Building Secrets

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It’s a process that starts with unearthing who you are, committing fully to it, boldly – even outrageously – sticking your neck out, and running all the way to the finish line with it. »

How To Take Your Music Career To The Next Level With A Mentor


Would you like to become a successful professional musician who works full time in the music industry? The truth is, starting a career in music and earning a good living doing it is a very attainable goal. »

In the Recording Studio


I used to think it was one special trick to obtaining this sound… it was in the mastering, it was the mixing, it’s the compression on the vocals, it’s the super expensive vocal mic, it’s the analog effects, analog tape, it’s the musicianship, it’s the overdubs. »

Next Steps to Music Licensing

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My music career has advanced significantly in the two years since I first wrote about film and TV placement. As more and more licensing opportunities become available to indie artists, I’m often asked for advice. »