Dawson Hollow

Dawson Hollow Has a New Name, Look and Sound

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Since 2002 this multi-award-winning band has performed in over two-thousand venues across the United States and Canada entertaining thousands with their fusion of old time musical instruments, stunning vocals and modern beats… emerging with a fresh new style. »

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The Vocal Road Warrior Formula

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Lately in the news, popping up here and there, I’m noticing canceled concerts due to “cold and chest infection” and singers on vocal rest recovering from nodules.

How to Make Band T-Shirts in 30-Minutes or Less

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Sure, a killer t-shirt is a fantastic walking advertisement. But the overhead, the merch girl/guy and the design are a pain. »

From Our Friends at MicControl!


We wanted this topic to be the focus of our first webinar because we passionately believe that music blogs are not only THE important filter of today’s music industry, but are also becoming an increasingly important (and easily accessible) marketing tool that ALL emerging musicians should be taking advantage of. »

Fans Want An Easy Website, Give It To Them!

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There is no question that all musicians should have their own website. This has been discussed by so many people in the past that I won’t even attempt to get into this one. Needless to say, the line of reasoning is quite simple: »

String Nuts & Saddles

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The string nut and saddle play a vital role in your instruments feel and sound. They set the action (string height), string spacing, string radius, and also transfer the strings energy which all contribute to the instruments feel and sound. An improperly made string nut and or saddle are the number one cause of tuning instability, bad action and several other issues in stringed instruments. »

It’s All Your Fault

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Usually it’s the very thing that blocks your voice, stomps on your soul, drags you kicking and screaming to the stage, and keeps you waiting for a deal. It’s the part of you that believes your success comes from others — and that it’s everyone else’s fault that you’re not famous – that your talent hasn’t been recognized yet. »

Build Your City

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Our advice to readers would be to own your own city first before hitting the road on long tours before the “fan base” is there. These types of tours can prove to be not only grueling on the band’s finances but also on the internal relationships. »

Book on Music Sheds New Light on Fetal Development


I read a phenomenal book last year that is fascinating from both a musical and a scientific perspective. The author, Daniel J. Levitin, is a cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, record producer, writer, and musician. »

Tone Starts With Your Strings


Tone Starts With Your Strings By Tony Maguire We can all appreciate the amount of investment, research, and experimentation required in honing a great guitar tone.  The guitar, pickups, amp, and effects all play a significant role.  However, with all … »

The Not-So-Liberal Arts, Part 3


The Not-So-Liberal Arts, Part 3: Touring Colleges: College 1, the Hyper-Conservative Christian School Stephen Brown Touring Colleges, Part 1 Summary/Guide If a school is within a half hour of your house and you’ve never heard of it, there is probably … »