My Songs, My Recording Process


I start composing by assembling the piano part which usually remains even after the song is over. I am trying to be as minimal as possible in frames of my musical style. »

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You Need to Be Versatile


My Dad was always playing music around our house. It was either him playing guitar, or the soulful sounds of Stevie Ray or Clapton coming through the speakers. When I saw my Dad playing guitar I knew that I wanted to try it. »

Top 10 Brand Building Secrets

Lessons  Marketing

It’s a process that starts with unearthing who you are, committing fully to it, boldly – even outrageously – sticking your neck out, and running all the way to the finish line with it. »

How To Take Your Music Career To The Next Level With A Mentor


Would you like to become a successful professional musician who works full time in the music industry? The truth is, starting a career in music and earning a good living doing it is a very attainable goal. »

In the Recording Studio


I used to think it was one special trick to obtaining this sound… it was in the mastering, it was the mixing, it’s the compression on the vocals, it’s the super expensive vocal mic, it’s the analog effects, analog tape, it’s the musicianship, it’s the overdubs. »

Next Steps to Music Licensing

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My music career has advanced significantly in the two years since I first wrote about film and TV placement. As more and more licensing opportunities become available to indie artists, I’m often asked for advice. »

Engage Your Stage

Advertising  Music

You’ve got your well-crafted original songs in tip-top shape. You’ve learned a selection of covers that are sure to impress, maybe an Ironic boy band/or hip hop song that you’ll do acoustically, or totally rock it out, whichever way, it’ll be sweet because it’s your unique style. »

Practice Tips to Perfect Your Potential for Singing Success


The pursuit of success requires you to cultivate a commitment to consistency. In other words, you want to always be prepared to give your best performance – while you also have a plan in place to keep getting better. »

10 Commandments Of Independent Music Making

Music  Resources

When I studied recording engineering and production in 1996 at Fanshawe College in Canada, it was all about big studios, getting signed to a record label, and getting radio play. We learned to use magnetic tape, but we leaned toward digital. »

Efficient Practice


With your goals, schedule, and strategies mapped out, you can better predict how long it will take you to master pieces.
So, trust in your practice skills, and set a pace that allows you to learn deeply as well as avoid injury and fatigue. »

What Artists Should Know About ReverbNation’s Promote It

Advertising  Marketing

Running a Facebook ad campaign is confusing. You bid for ad placement, but the price you pay bears little relation to your bid. What’s the difference between reach and social reach, connections and clicks, CPC and CPM? More importantly, is there any way to tell how many people played, downloaded, and shared your song, or signed up for your mailing list? »