A Tale of Two Private Lesson Music Teachers

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Music Teacher’s Helper is one of the best music teacher resources over the past 10 years. CLICK HERE to try out free for 30 days – no credit card required. Following this link will also give you 20% OFF if you find that Music Teacher’s Helper is for you »

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Soundwave Merchandising

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Soundwave Merchandising has major company muscle with “independent company thinking” and accessibility. It’s a venture that has merged personalized service and a boutique style mentality with the powerful resources that come with a well-established business. »

Are You An Unhappy Musician?

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Are you satisfied with your guitar playing skills right now? Are you playing guitar at the level you want to? Have you been making the kind of progress you are happy with throughout your life as a musician? »

The Blogging Side Of Music

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I’ve been a full time national touring musician for the last 8 years, maybe more but I don’t want to admit it. I try to write honest, upbeat, percussive songs that tell stories from a few different perspectives. »

Leave Your Drama At Home: More Rockin’ And Less Squawkin’!


Certainly, no one ever said that music was going to be a safe, secure and solid profession to get into. Any industry that pays buckets of money to young, pretty people for jumping around and showing off is bound to inspire zaniness to some degree or another. »

The Skinny of Show Preparation


Taking care of your singing voice, Caffeine stirs up stomach acid and can cause a burning in your throat. Sad but true for a musician but alcoholic drinks will dry your throat and mouth out. Smoking should be avoided, »

Climbing the Wall While Not Being Signed

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Climbing the Wall While Not Being Signed By Mimi Page Los Angeles, CA I started composing on the piano at 5 years old. What started out as a natural hobby turned into a daily necessity, and at age 15 I … »

Independent Artist Daily And Monthly To-Do List


Besides being a performer and a recording artist, you are also a business owner in charge of booking, dealing with contracts, marketing, PR, inventory management and much more. »

The Music Biz – It’s All About Networking

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The point is, you need friends in this business. There will always be some bands that are ahead of you in the game, and some behind you, but it pays to be friends with EVERYONE. Don’t get cocky. »

How to Make a Living Playing Music

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keep your expenses very low. keep working on your art. don’t be afraid to do other things to make money in the short term. avoid the performance mentality. the main business strategy is to build your own audience. »


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These are all metaphors I’ve used to describe what inevitably happens during any large scale creative undertaking–the making a record, for instance. It’s that barren, dusty, treacherous middle expanse filled with nagging depression and gnawing self-doubt that the Muse or God or Whomever places in our path to test our faith. »