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To or not to play Cover songs. If you agree wholeheartedly with the above sentiment and are a born rebel with a taste for adventure, then the life of a musician may very well suit you. However, even rebels must support themselves; even rebels have bills to pay. »

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Be Committed!…You’ll Never Be Famous If You Don’t Show Up!

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So, how does your average musical genius go from penniless Pop Tart-eater to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? How do you move on up from mom’s garage to a deluxe apartment in the sky? What’s your first baby step on the Yellow Brick Road to fame and fortune? That’s simple…be committed! »

Money Saving Travel Tips for Touring Musicians


I use and to save money on the road. There are some inside tricks which you can google to find out. Here’s an example of what’s out there if you search around: I also like, a website which lists successful bids on priceline, by area, so you can get an idea of what hotels are actually going for on priceline. On average I pay about 50 a night (after tax) for a 2.5/3 star, and have gotten some awesome extended stay hotels for 35 a night, with a kitchen and full suite. »

Let The Music Be Your Guide

Music  Touring

“Let The Music Be Your Guide” By the gang at Errorcraft Records So you’re wandering around your place, looking at all the instruments scattered here and there, checking your band’s sites and thinking to yourself, “This is getting silly, where … »

No Such Thing as a Face For Radio

Marketing  Music

No Such Thing as a Face For Radio by Jefferson Montoya There was a time when a musician could remain unseen and still promote their sound. The music spoke for, and sold, itself. That was the time of radio and … »

My Songs, My Recording Process


I start composing by assembling the piano part which usually remains even after the song is over. I am trying to be as minimal as possible in frames of my musical style. »

Place Your Music Around the World

Music  Resources

OurStage offers artists the free opportunity to have their music heard around the world and connections with major industry players. Think of the EPK as a different cut of your OurStage profile, a souped up resume of your artistry that includes all your tracks, videos, reviews, a calendar of your upcoming gigs, and more. Best of all, once you complete your OurStage profile, most of the work to create your EPK will already been done for you. No other site has come close to offering you so much for so little. »

Marketing During the Holiday Season


As you sit by the stack of holiday greeting cards waiting to be filled out and mailed, have you ever thought about including your music in them? This is a great way of advertising your music as well as making a great gift for those who have supported you throughout the year. »

Websites that Have Helped Me So Far


I got this link from a friend musician I jammed with while I lived in London, and I am utterly grateful to him for this source. This site was tremendous help for me as it has tones of information and advice from professional and prominent people in the music biz, and what is I think very important, is that most of the info you can get from there is in videos, put under different categories. »

Michael Anthony’s Advice To Up And Coming Musicians


Obviously playing in a new group situation like this really inspires you to play differently. And these guys are great musicians and I don’t have to tell you that. And so we’re all good friends having a great time. And it is exactly like what it was in the early days of Van Halen because later on, everybody was kind of doing their own thing. »

Recommendations from Blue Logic


For computers I always recommend an Apple for the stability. We record all our own music and we use Macs. Also if you would know anyone interested in getting a recording done of them you can tell them to contact us, because I have a small studio setup in Leonville, Louisiana. »