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Making Great Impressions

Advertising  Lessons

Once you announce to the world that you are ‘open for business’, like it or not you invite scrutiny by fans, the press, entertainment buyers, other artists and everyone else. The following tips will insure that you develop a strong and positive reputation. »

Surviving and Staying Sane on Tour:


As a touring band making a name for ourselves across the country, we’ve definitely seen our fair share of ups and downs. Hopefully some of these tips can both spare hardships as well as provide insight on how to survive the road: »

Your Music is Your Product, Believe in It


Derek Sivers, CEO of said, in so many words, the first thing someone will do after they hear your music or band name is forget who you are. This was both obvious and subtle to me. So many artists today are so worried about “selling out” that they don’t put themselves out there. »

On the Importance of Balance


It’s a lot of hard work, but life doesn’t quite have to be that way. You can have a productive, healthy life and still have time and money to develop your art. I’ve found it very important to work out a good balance through every aspect of your life and art. »

10 Habits to Make Music Your Living


The following list highlights 10 habits you should develop if you want to make a consistent living from your music. I can honestly say that these habits are the habits of successful musicians I have known and admired: »

How to be Successful as an Independent Musician

Lessons  Music

How to be Successful as an Independent Musician By Nick Venturella Decide what your definition of success is To have any success in music, or anything in life, you have to have an understanding of what success looks like for … »

Vocal Tips ~ PITCH: Are You Hitting the Bulls-Eye?


Pitch is one of the fundamental, foundational core elements in singing – so much so that it is one of the most important – perhaps the most important – quality of a great voice. »

The Green-Eyed Monster: Are You Friends Really Happy For Your Success?


The Green-Eyed Monster: Are You Friends Really Happy For Your Success? By Sheena Metal Ideally, it should always be the way you’ve imagined it in your daydreams.  You get the phone call you’ve been waiting for: the big live review, … »

Is Your Finger in the Dam?


Today’s article is a real life story of how you can get off track without realizing it – and some techniques to help you free up that stuck energy and get your creativity flowing again. »

PK’s Advice from a Life Long Bass Player


PK’s Advice from a Life Long Bass Player By Pattie Kettle In everyday life, I have loads of opinions on a variety of topics which I love to expound upon and share, but ask me to write an advice piece … »