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Let The Music Be Your Guide

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“Let The Music Be Your Guide” By the gang at Errorcraft Records So you’re wandering around your place, looking at all the instruments scattered here and there, checking your band’s sites and thinking to yourself, “This is getting silly, where … »

Recent Posts offers more than 1/2 OFF

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Hey there, it’s Martin writing … On Wednesday, February 24th 2010 turns 5! To celebrate this milestone in our business, we’re running our biggest sale EVER! You can save an incredible 55% on all downloadable tutorials during our birthday … »

Writing Tips : Writing Outright. Part Two


Writing Tips : Writing Outright. Part Two By Tom Colohue | Giving with permission by a favorite music site: This is a second part of Writing Tips By Tom Colohue: Writing Outright. Read the first part at this location. … »

Promoting on the Internet


Promoting on the Internet! by Jessica Mellott A few years ago I realized how easy it was to share news about my music on the internet. Through internet promotion, I have gained tons of new fans, received hundreds of thousands … »

Writing Tips: Writing Outright. Part One


Writing Tips : Writing Outright. Part One By Tom Colohue | Giving with permission by a favorite music site: Photo credit: mikiiglesias on Flickr Hey all, this is Tom Colohue. This is a revision of something I wrote a … »

Your Music Video

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Animoto enables you to use your own photos and video clips to produce TV & film-quality music videos in just minutes. These video clips and photos are perfect for your bands EPK package. They can also be used to keep … »

Cyber PR Music Campaigns

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Cyber PR Music Campaigns By Ariel Publicity Are you ready to reach the next level of success with your music, but you’re just not sure what it’s going to take to give your career the boost it needs? You may … »

Health Insurance for Musicians

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Anthem Insurance is there to provide any Head Above Music Artist, Fan, of Family member a dedicated toll free number to answer any and all questions on healthcare. There is no obligation of any kind. »

The Tunecore Philosophy

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TuneCore is all about getting your music heard and available to buy. We want you to earn money from your music! »

Attention Music Critics


I speak from a position of having spent years as an independent musician, and have suffered enough from the likes of fickle, fad-obsessed, wanna-be hip, pricks such as yourselves. I’m sure this note will only serve to entice you further into your egomania, and strengthen your resolve to curve the trends of music toward your own narrow field of interest, but nonetheless, I’ve kept my silence long enough through your prolonged, overrated display of public masturbation. If I sound bitter, that’s because I am, and because I’d like to see a day when integrity returns to the world of music. Maybe I’m too hopeful. »



My friend and mentor John Shipe once told me that success in the music industry is about being the last one standing. I’m not talking about ‘fame and riches’ success; you have better odds winning the lottery than becoming the next John Mayer. I’m talking about the ‘pay your rent’ success. The ‘I don’t have a day job’ success. After years of working towards this goal I have finally achieved it. »