Websites that Have Helped Me So Far


I got this link from a friend musician I jammed with while I lived in London, and I am utterly grateful to him for this source. This site was tremendous help for me as it has tones of information and advice from professional and prominent people in the music biz, and what is I think very important, is that most of the info you can get from there is in videos, put under different categories. »

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The Barter System

Money  Touring

Once I got a call about performing at a winery for a local event. During the booking they mentioned that they couldn’t pay me monetarily, but they could pay me in wine. I love wine, so I think, “OK, I’ll be getting at least a case”. »

Increase Your Fanbase w/ Reverbnation

Marketing  Resources

Increase Your Fanbase with ReverbNation By Head Above Music www.ReverbNation.com ReverbNation is a one stop shop for artists and bands to build not only their fanbase but their internet visibility as a professional. ReverbNation is not only FREE to join, … »

Misadventures, Missed Turns And How Not To Be Famous On Tour: A Passage to India: Part II

Touring  Travel

I arrived exhausted at my Mumbai hotel and met my backing band, Mana3. Wonderful people. The next morning we caught a flight to Goa. »

Misadventures, Missed Turns and How Not To Be Famous On Tour: A passage to India: Part I

Touring  Travel

After paying a $20 submission fee, WOA Records chose me for a 20 city tour in India leaving just after Christmas. Wow! Kick ass. »

Breaking the 4th Wall: Prologue

Music  Touring

Breaking the 4th Wall: Prologue By Xiren Click to Listen I’m writing this article as guitarist Jake Goldman and I barrel towards Denver on our return from shows in the Midwest. Tickling my mind is the debate between artistic mystique … »

Remember to Love it

Health  Music

Remember to Love it By Kevin Mileski Palatine, IL Click to Listen One of the biggest questions a musician can ask is, “Am I good enough and smart enough to make a living playing music?” There’s never a concrete answer … »

Just Because You’re Not a Sound Engineer Doesn’t Authorize Ignorance About the Sound of Your Instrument


So you’ve spent, say, ten years practicing and learning to read music, running scales, and burning little note-shaped holes in your brain, until you became the awesome player/singer/whatever you are now. Until now, though, you’ve never put much thought into the SOUND of your instrument or mic, just the actual performance. »

The Four Agreements


Don’t take it personal and Don’t Assume!!! »

Do It Yourself


Yes, its easy for artists to sign with Company X or Y and think their work is taken care of. But the hard truth of the matter is, you still have to create the demand for your business and brand yourself. »

Saluda Cymbals


So, I’m a cynic. Probably more than the next guy and I am definitely WAY more superficial. I know how to play my instrument, but I want, no, NEED it to look cool… »