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Cari Cole is a vocal coach and artist development expert who has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. »

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The Barter System

Money  Touring

Once I got a call about performing at a winery for a local event. During the booking they mentioned that they couldn’t pay me monetarily, but they could pay me in wine. I love wine, so I think, “OK, I’ll be getting at least a case”. »

Increase Your Fanbase w/ Reverbnation

Marketing  Resources

Increase Your Fanbase with ReverbNation By Head Above Music ReverbNation is a one stop shop for artists and bands to build not only their fanbase but their internet visibility as a professional. ReverbNation is not only FREE to join, … »

Misadventures, Missed Turns And How Not To Be Famous On Tour: A Passage to India: Part II

Touring  Travel

I arrived exhausted at my Mumbai hotel and met my backing band, Mana3. Wonderful people. The next morning we caught a flight to Goa. »

Misadventures, Missed Turns and How Not To Be Famous On Tour: A passage to India: Part I

Touring  Travel

After paying a $20 submission fee, WOA Records chose me for a 20 city tour in India leaving just after Christmas. Wow! Kick ass. »

Breaking the 4th Wall: Prologue

Music  Touring

Breaking the 4th Wall: Prologue By Xiren Click to Listen I’m writing this article as guitarist Jake Goldman and I barrel towards Denver on our return from shows in the Midwest. Tickling my mind is the debate between artistic mystique … »

Remember to Love it

Health  Music

Remember to Love it By Kevin Mileski Palatine, IL Click to Listen One of the biggest questions a musician can ask is, “Am I good enough and smart enough to make a living playing music?” There’s never a concrete answer … »

Just Because You’re Not a Sound Engineer Doesn’t Authorize Ignorance About the Sound of Your Instrument


So you’ve spent, say, ten years practicing and learning to read music, running scales, and burning little note-shaped holes in your brain, until you became the awesome player/singer/whatever you are now. Until now, though, you’ve never put much thought into the SOUND of your instrument or mic, just the actual performance. »

The Four Agreements


Don’t take it personal and Don’t Assume!!! »

Do It Yourself


Yes, its easy for artists to sign with Company X or Y and think their work is taken care of. But the hard truth of the matter is, you still have to create the demand for your business and brand yourself. »

Saluda Cymbals


So, I’m a cynic. Probably more than the next guy and I am definitely WAY more superficial. I know how to play my instrument, but I want, no, NEED it to look cool… »