iPhone and MiFi Verizon


iPhone and MiFi Verizon by Ryan Laperle Click to Listen Buy the older 3g version for only 100 bucks or so.   But you want to stay with Verizon.  Well then buy an iPod touch.  Through Verizon you can use … »

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Topo Ranch, Great Apparel and Friend to Musicians

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A pretty cool apparel store right before the promenade on the East side. After hearing the interesting story of Topo Ranch from one of the most laid back owners, I noticed rock posters and a monthly gig advertised on their front window stage. »

The 5 Best iPhone Apps for Musicians

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The 5 Best iPhone Apps for Musicians By Jonathan Ostrow Co-Founder, MicControl.com Let me first begin with this disclaimer: I don’t personally own an iPhone. A friend of mine was letting me play around on his the other day when … »