Reconstruction Music Project

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Reconstruction Music Project
By Rob Costlow
Artist and Founder
Tourist Records, LLC

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I started receiving some very powerful feedback a couple years ago from fans. It became more apparent than ever that music can heal, be it a divorce, getting over the death of a loved one, losing a job, and other tough situations people face. With the economic crisis this past year I started observing more and more of these tough situations amongst fans, neighbors, friends and my own family. People need to be revived in times of need, and music is a great tool to be the light many people need in these times.

I took what I had and created the Reconstruction Music Project to provide free music of all genres in a meaningful way to anyone in the world. My goal is to simply help create a spark in people to rebuild and keep moving forward. The project started out as just me and my music, but I soon found a way to make it open to all musicians.  It has turned into a musician’s cooperative. I hope many other musicians catch on to share and inspire those in need. Learn more here:


1. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (just read it and really enjoyed)
2. Favorite Piece of Gear : Tascam DP-004 Pocketstudio
3. One thing I can’t live on the road without:  Sunglasses

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