Topo Ranch, Great Apparel and Friend to Musicians

I went for a walk on Pearl St. in Boulder, CO yesterday morning and came across Topo Ranch. A pretty cool apparel store right before the promenade on the East side. After hearing the interesting story of Topo Ranch from one of the most laid back owners, I noticed rock posters and a monthly gig advertised on their front window stage.

First Friday of everything month, Topo Ranch hosts national touring songwriters and offers free beer to their customers. I picked up some shirts and they offered me 30% off my next purchase for being a musician and 50% off if and when I played there in the future. They have another store in Venice, CA as well. Stop by their website to check out their merch. Musicians wearing their stuff already include Drive By Truckers, Pete Karsounes, Ry Jarred, Ten Dollar Outfit, Greyhound Soul, John Loudenslager, Wrinkle Neck Mules, Retisonic, Jon Delavan, and The Derek Trucks Band. You can also include one more degree to Kevin Bacon.