Arise 2017 Performer Spotlight: The Copper Children

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The Copper Children to perform at Arise Music Festival 2017.


The Copper Children are an indie rock band emerging out of the heart of Denver, Colorado. Their sound is a mix of indie-Americana, intertwined with soul-folk, influenced as much by mountain music as classic rhythm & blues. The band’s expressed musical functions are driven by a contemporary multi-focus genre, in which they challenges conventional thinking and preconceived notions of what soul-folk is, and aims to give an edge to the folk genre with unique instrumentation and songwriting. Through their music, they strive to share their soulful folk tales through heartfelt lyricism combined with raw emotion, all while paying heed to the diversity, peace and sacredness of life, as we know it. Amidst their profound songwriting and melodies, the band has readily established themselves as ‘The Copper Children’ of the Colorado musical forefront.

The Copper Children will be performing at the Arise Music FestivalFriday, August 4th, 11:30pm-12:45am on the Star Water Stage.

“’She’s got her finger on the trigger..’ will not stop rolling through my mind this week. I find myself grinning and tapping my foot nearly every time too. It was super difficult to pick just one song off of The Copper Children‘s, Copper Child. This seamless collection of gentle yet striking soul/folk tunes will likely be on repeat until the end of the month” Brittany Burdett  –

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