Love and Loathing at Record Store Day 2017

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    Record Store Day is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary tomorrow, Saturday, April 22, 2017. This wonderfully goofy day is both loved and loathed by many all over the place (here is a great article explaining both sides if you … »

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At this point, I have no idea exactly how many hours I have spent tracking, but a safe estimate would be around 10 hours per song, so over 100 hours would have been spent in the studio »

Learning to Work with a Producer


A good producer is someone that can understand what your music can be and bring it to a listener with the help fresh ears. Having a producer take direction of a session has helped me step outside a song I have played for a long time. »

Do you REALLY need a big studio for a pro album?


Let me preface with this thought: Pro studios have their place. Some of the greatest records have come from there »

Follow Your Passion


In my first year of trying, I produced my first CD called Love Notes, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Lifeclass Show, won the Bob Dylan songwriting competition, and appeared on many local TV and radio interviews. »

BANDS! It’s Time to Trademark Your Name. NOW!


To trademark, you have to tell the government what you’re wanting to trademark. Are you a band? Do you sell CDs? Do you run a website? »

The BEAT 100 Video Network


BEAT100 is completely free and the only social network that rewards it’s users. Our experienced promo team are here to help you get your music out to the world and climb your way to the top »

The B-Side Project


The B-Side Project is the brain child of NE-Xcuse, with the main objective to merge music and to provide additional platforms for music artists, both of live music and electronic production. »

Making a Music Video: Back to Life

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I wanted something quirky and funny that people would hopefully re-post and watch again.  All in all, the making of the video took about 3 months, and my greatest asset in getting it done was a group of very-willing, super-productive, and incredibly creative and talented people. »

AirTurn: Hands Free Page Turner

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AirTurn : Hands Free Page Turner I was getting my guitar set up at Brightwood Music in Nederland, CO when I sat down in front of an iPad with sheet music on it and two wireless pedals. The store owner … »

Cathy Heller’s Imagine Nation

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Born on Long Island, to a piano teacher and a psychologist, Cathy Heller has always had a love for music and an insight and compassion well beyond her years. »